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We are selling all over of the world, and keep doing better, has own brand: KANG VAPE、SMOD and more coming.

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STICK PLUS --2300puff
  • STICK PLUS --2300puff
  • STICK PLUS--2300puffs   ,Retail price :$28.00,中国大陆建议零售价:¥180
    【Flavor List】:
    1.Rainbow Candy
    2. Watermelon Sorbet 
    3. Red Apple 
    4. Cane Mint
    5. Strawberry Milk
    6. Lemon Cake 
    7. Pineapple strawberry
    8. Dried Fruit  
    9. Mango Milk
    10. Banana Milk 
    11. Original Tobacco
    12. Forest Berry  
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Adhere to quality first, start independent brands, rely on the brand to win the market

STICK PLUS --2300puff

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Our TH-420 Patent
  • Our TH-420 Patent
  • Kangvape has own R&D department, our designers spend day and night on out TH-420...
  • 2018-11-02
Manufacturing upgrade driven robot needs to build more bases
Equipment manufacturing industry to the high end of the value chain to seek breakthrough development