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Equipment manufacturing industry to the high end of the value chain to seek breakthrough development
"The manufacturing of high-end equipment means that the core competitiveness of a country symbolizes the country‘s economy and national security. To the small extent, it relates to the survival and development of many industries and enterprises." Chery Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. General manager Wang Jinfu and other equipment manufacturing people recently said in an interview that in the past 10 years, the rapid development of China‘s machinery industry, China has become a veritable equipment manufacturing power, but it is not a manufacturing power, but to achieve "from large Strong "dream, we must speed up the cultivation and promotion of the development of independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry by improving the capability of independent innovation.
Wang Jinfu said: "In the identification of a country‘s machinery industry is strong, people are more concerned about several aspects of performance - whether to grasp the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, whether there is a strong strong technical capacity of major equipment, whether it has more High-end high-end equipment market share, the quality of its mainstream technology and equipment are in a leading position in the world. In fact, is to look at the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is how.
"In recent years, China‘s machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has achieved strong growth in scale driven by strong domestic demand and a number of incentive policies." Wang Jinfu said: "However, the core competitiveness of China‘s own-brand manufacturing industry is generally not Strong, low-end overcapacity, the competition is particularly fierce, many industries have been firmly under the control of foreign brands; the same time, the key components and core technologies, has long been a foreign brand ‘stuck neck‘. "
Wang Ruixiang, president of China Machinery Industry Federation, believes that our country has become the world‘s largest equipment manufacturing country, but "big but not strong" is an indisputable fact. In particular, due to the international financial crisis and the debt crisis in Europe, China‘s equipment manufacturing industry is facing Before the interception, after the harsh situation of pursuing the soldiers. Especially in the field of high-end equipment, the developed countries such as the United States and the European Union started to gradually recover their production and processing and manufacturing industries of high-tech and high value-added equipment products from overseas and adopted a series of incentive policies such as tax relief, Subsidy incentives, etc., to encourage investors, manufacturers return to their home countries.
Wang Ruixiang said that the current import of advanced technologies depends on the import of high-end products and the equipment manufacturing industry in China is still facing the harsh reality. High-end machine tools, high-end engines, high-end instrumentation and control systems need to be imported from abroad. Among them, 90% of high-end CNC machine tools imported 95% CNC system imports, 70% of imports of instruments. In the field of basic components, 70% of high-grade functional components for high-end CNC machine tools need to be imported. All the hydraulic parts above 30MPA required for large-scale construction machinery are imported, the gearboxes are over 200 kilometers per hour, the wind gearboxes over 2.5MW, Machine gear boxes, high-speed train brakes, large-scale shield machine electric hydraulic drive almost all imports. Although China has carried out joint ventures and cooperative production with foreign advanced enterprises on marine diesel engines, the key core technologies and brands are still in the hands of foreign enterprises. Our country has not yet got rid of the "working-type" manufacturing status.